The harvester

• AGRISEP will reduce the need for manual separation on the harvester. This will give a swift pay-back.

• AGRISEP is successfully implemented on a variety of harvester brands, Grimme, AVR and Wühlmaus.

• Rubber coated fingers guides the potatoes in a gentle way through the machine opposed to some mechanical systems.

• The 12V power and the air consumption of AGRISEP is low.

• AGRISEP has been used on harvesters for many years with great reliability and has shown very low wear or need for service.

Stainless-steel option

For in-plant processing you can choose AGRISEP with a frame of stainless-steel. This is an easy washable design, equipped with food certified conveyors. This option has already been delivered to several food companies. An example is removing unwanted material when manufacturing potato chips.

We do custom design of the product and waste conveyors: Length, transport direction as well as manoeuvring.