About us

Agriculture is our passion!

Reinhold Håkansson who founded the company has always had an interest in agriculture and as a result he trained as a farm management degree.

During subsequent internships in the United States, he contacted company that developed electronic sorting equipment for agriculture.

In 1980 founded Reinhold and his colleague in Höör focusing on the import from the USA of electronic sorting machines.

This lasted until 1986, after which the cooperation with the company in the USA ceased.

Then the idea of developing our own sorting machine was hatched. Together with two MSEE engineers, an electronic sorting machine was developed that separates stones and lumps from potatoes. The product was named AGRISEP.

From day one, we have worked with new development of our AGRISEP machine both in terms of technology and electronics. Today we have many satisfied customers in many countries.

More than 30 years of experience.

We develop complete solutions that are customade, such as adapting our AGRISEP machine to different production lines and with specially adapted elevators.

AGRISEP can be mounted on a harvester or work stationary.

AGRISEP is an investment that, in conditions with a lot of rocks and clods of soil, pays for itself quickly in the form of less need of manpower.

AGRISEP has the capacity to sort between 10 and 75 tonnes per hour, in large potatoes for French fries up to 100 tonnes / hour.

Our goal is to make it easier for farmers. Agrisep provides:

  • high sorting ability
  • high reliability
  • Highest quality of components
  • long lifetime
  • low operating costs
  • humane prices
  • rapid sevice

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Reinhold jobbar i USA med elektronik maskiner.

Reinhold worked and learned in the United States.


Smithfield show in London in the late 90’s.

Testing of AGRISEP electronic

stone separator on harvester.

En av de första utställningarna i England.

Exhibition in Elmia in the mid 80`s.

Sorting process.

AGRISEP on harvester in the late 90’s.

The first sorter that AGEC worked with the “IRIS” machine.

We test AGRISEP in sugar beet fields.

Test with sugar beets in Holland.

The octabin folder and special purpose machines

We develop and build special purpose machines on request. To satisfy our customer’s needs for automation both our design and production processes are tailored to our customer’s preferences from beginning to end.

Amongst our special purpose machines is the octabin folder, a fully automated folding machine purpose built for folding lids and bottoms of octabin containers, which are commonly used for transporting products such as potatoes and onions.

The Swedish standard size package measures 600 mm x 800 mm at the base.

We can produce machines for more than three different sizes of octabin lids for the global market. The larger size containers are commonly used for the transport of granulated products and small packages such as PET-bottles.

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