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The AGRISEP clod separator uses an optical scanning system to detect clods and stones mixed with potatoes and other vegetables falling off the end of conveyor. While the material is in flight the control unit computes which fingers to retract in order to let the reject clod and stone fall through. Potatoes fall the short distance onto the plastic fingers, covered by latex rubber sleeves, braking the fall and deflecting the potatoes on to the crop cross or inline conveyor. The unit performs well on all sizes of potatoes as drops are kept to a bare minimum.




The control head uses a single board computer to provide the brain for the device combing with the proven finger bank design to give high reliability with low operational costs.

Capacity: up to 50 ton/hour in normal size of potatoes.

AGRISEP units are available as follows:

AS80 800 mm
AS120 1200 mm
AS160 1600 mm
AS180 1800 mm
AS210 2100 mm
AS240 2400 mm

Presentation belts and delivery conveyors can be manufactured to suit individual requirements.



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